Curiosity Killed the Cat and Eagerness Stalled the Home Sale

Excitement is a great thing – but sometimes, it can make you go a little overboard.

When it comes to selling your home, you want to be eager in a sale and stand out from the crowd – just don’t let things get out of hand.

Here are a couple of renovation exaggerations of the home that may turn off homebuyers.

Too Trendy

Fads are fads for a reason – they’ll eventually make way for the next newest and greatest trend. So, it’s best to stick with neutral and simplistic style features. That way, you’ll appeal to most buyers on the market.


We’re not saying technology is a bad decision – in fact, more and more products are being created for smart homes. However, when you’re selling your home, it might be best to steer clear of adding any additional features just to impress homebuyers.

The technology might become outdated by the time of closing, and the potential homebuyer might not be interested in the specific form of technology you’ve implemented into the home.

Pricy Renovations

Sometimes homeowners are quick to think that replacing their entire kitchen or completely redoing their backyard are the ticket items to get their home to sell faster. While these could be great inclusions, they might not necessarily help you in the long run. Instead, a homeowner looking to sell should look at recently sold houses in the area to determine what needs to be fixed or updated – and of course, talking to your real estate agent always helps.

Selling your home can be intimidating – but sometimes, being a little too flashy isn’t always the right course to take.

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