Millennial Who? Millennial Homeowner, That’s Who

Who’s the landlord now?

Millennials have long been held under the stigma that their generation has put a halt to numerous products and industries– one of them being the housing market.

But it seems as millennials age (and gain more income) their priorities have shifted – gasp! A new Bank of America study found that 72% of millennials consider homeownership to be their number one goal.

And it seems as though they’re well on their way. Ernst & Young data has shown that within the last two years, millennial homeowners between the ages of 28 and 31 have increased from 27% to 47%.

The top three cities millennials seems to be moving to are: Salt Lake City with 51% of millennial homebuyers and Minneapolis and Pittsburg with 48%. While Tampa, Fla., Las Vegas, and Miami are seeing less requests for millennial home purchasing.

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