Real Estate Tip of the Week: Use Those Hashtags!

Let’s talk about hashtags, baby.

Social media is necessary for your business, and hashtags are another part to that equation. Utilizing hashtags for your post means filing it away under those specific categories, so when users search that term your content will appear.

Because we live in an ever-changing world, technology and what’s “in” is also ever-changing; hashtags are no different. Some hashtags correspond with an event, a specific date, or a unique inside joke – once being popular, and then turning to dust.

But there are some general hashtags that you can use for your posts to ensure your content being seen – and being relevant to your brand.


These are especially relevant when you are posting photos of your listings on social media. People searching for a home in your area will be looking under: the state, city, county, and (possibly) the neighborhood.

#Your Real Estate Agency

This is good branding – and a great way to connect you to the company you work for. If they search for the real estate agency, then your content will pop up too. It’s a great tool to get clients to see you and the business.

#School District

This hashtag is geared towards parents in search of the perfect school near their home. Do your research before just typing in anything – there might already be hashtags in use for certain school districts. Go along with whichever one has the higher usage number (if there is one available).

#Location + Home

We’re getting more specific here. Again, make sure you’re doing research on what is being tagged in the area. If you’re selling a bungalow in Portland, you might try #PortlandBungalow to showcase the style and the location.

#Trendy Keywords

Be careful with this – as you don’t want to include too many hashtags into one post. But if you wanted to add a hot keyword that works with your post – i.e., #homesweethome – use sparingly.

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