Weed it and Reap: Upcoming 2019 Landscaping Trends

If you’ve got a green thumb, you’ll be excited to hear what some of the newest and latest trends the National Association of Landscape Professionals have suggested for 2019.

The biggest hot-ticket item that outdoor spaces will see include innovations that are transforming the landscape industry as a whole.

Here are the top five biggest changes landscapes might see this coming year:

Dual Functions

These might include a vertical garden that also serves as a privacy fence, a garden bed that divides properties, or a retaining wall that includes built-in seating. With more than one purpose – pleasing to the eye and dividing that yard space – 2019 is all about multi-functionality.

Automated Maintenance

Robotic lawn mowers or programmable irrigation systems will be the biggest smart-home advancements in the landscaping industry. With younger homeowners attracted to these built-in apps, these could be rising in popularity.


These aren’t just your average pergolas; with upgrades such as roll-down windows, space heaters, lighting, and sound systems, they’re creating outdoor social spaces.

Pretty in Pink

Coral and blush are predicted to be the new neutral in landscaping this year. Fresh blooms like roses, petunias, zinnias, and hibiscus might pop up in flower beds to liven up an outdoor space.


Decorative art and water features, as well as outdoor furniture and accessories might be playing into the metal theme.

Although winter is still lurking in our backyards, it never hurts to look at what the spring of 2019 will bring to neighborhoods!

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