Real Estate Tip of the Week: Communication is Key

Let’s give them something to talk about – how real estate agents communicate with prospective clients, that is.

As the old saying goes, communication is key! And your communication between clients will show how you respect their time and hopefully, gain their trust.

Realtor.com released statistics that showed a side-by-side comparison of an agent’s first-contact preference versus a consumer’s preference:

First-Contact Method Agent Preference Consumer Preference
Email 24% 32%
Text 15% 31%
Phone 42% 22%
In-Person 19% 15%

Looking at the numbers, we can see a difference – and a misunderstanding of what consumers want.

What can real estate agents do about it?


Establish a routine to ask clients their preferred communication method and when the best times are available for them to talk. You could create a survey (Google Forms is a free tool) to help establish a new client’s preferred communication style.


If your client would prefer to text, remember that texting is seen as a more personal form of communication (rather than an email), so it’s best to stick with a formula and get straight to the basics. Be brief, direct, and if need be, tell them you’re available for a call if they are needing more information.

It’s also important that you respond as soon as possible to any questions or concerns your client has. Monitor your inbox – with texting, emails, and voicemails. By showing your immediate response, your client will know where your priorities stand.

Along with Realtor.com’s survey, they found that communication was the top reasons for dissatisfaction among consumers. Don’t fall victim to communication error!

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