Real Estate Tip of the Week: Scripts are Your Friend

Most real estate agents don’t like the idea of scripts – essentially, they’ve been given a bad name. The word itself makes it seem fake and not at all something you, as a real estate agent, can control.

Let’s switch the terminology. Instead of following a script, how about following a set of notes?

That’s basically what a script is – a detailed organized note that helps you move from one topic, to the next. You can use these “notes” to help you with open houses, online leads, follow ups, or any event where you are talking with buyers and sellers.

“Notes” are used to help you feel confident in your direction of conversation with the buyer or seller. You want to portray yourself as knowledgeable, and you want to end with an appointment, meeting, or a follow-up. These notes will help you with that!


The key to good script / note taking, is allowing the consumer to talk. Listen to what he or she is looking for in the market – these might include worried statements (i.e., my house won’t sell) or defensive statements (i.e., there aren’t houses available for my price range).

After you’re able to get the gist of what they might be looking for, you’re going to need to ask the right series of questions.

As a real estate agent, you don’t want to come off as aggressive – instead of simply stating: “Your home might be on the market for some time,” think about forming it into a question that the client can answer: “Would it worry you if your house took more time than you thought to sell?”

Practice Makes Perfect

The idea of using a script or series of notes can seem uncomfortable – but it’s important to practice when you can with coworkers or peers.

It’s also essential to remember that most clients won’t respond towards fear-driven conversations. They want to discuss new possibilities with a real estate agent, not feel pressured or manipulated. Help them understand that you’re there to look for new ideas and ways to help them achieve their real estate dream.

With most clients receiving information on the real estate market online, it’s important that you stick to facts and not over exaggerate. Clients want to talk to someone real and knowledgeable – show them that through your script / note taking skills.

Whether you call it a real estate script or note you follow, you’re a client’s guide. You’ll feel it come organically to you in no time.

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