Real Estate Tip of the Week: Let’s Talk Communication

Let’s get one thing straight: communication is key. Misunderstandings can be messy and can leave clients feeling confused or unheard. As a real estate agent, you’ll want to keep communication clear, concise, and direct.

Establishing communication rules with your client at the beginning of your relationship will help you both understand each other’s needs and expectations – so why not set up a communications plan?

Follow AmeriTitle’s quick tips on how you can establish some guidelines with your newest client:


Arranging how often your client would like to be reached is essential; you don’t want to bombard them with information, but you also don’t want to seem like a ghost. Ask if they’d like to chat weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or only when you have an important and urgent piece of information.

Once you have that decided, both parties will have an understanding of how frequently they’ll be reached, so there isn’t any confusion left on the table.


You got the frequency down – now what about how they’d like to be reached? Would they like to talk through phone, email, text, and/or social media? Clients might be easier to reach through different channels, so it’s critical to establish which way you should reach out to them.


Sometimes clients don’t truly understand how hectic your days can get and can misunderstand your “silence” as not caring. When you’re starting off this relationship with your new client, you should clearly explain the times and days that you will be unavailable. Set a policy for the times and days you can be reached.


Now that you’ve got your answers on frequency, how to reach them, and when to reach them, it’s time for you to set it out on your calendar. Write out specific times on the calendar when you’ll discuss updated information with them.

For example, if they said they would like to be reached weekly by phone, mark your calendars for every Thursday between 3pm and 5pm (or whichever day and time works for both of your schedules) and let them know that’s when they’ll be hearing from you.

Being a real estate agent means more than just looking for homes – it’s also equally about nurturing a relationship that is all about communication. Setting up these expectations for how you both can be reached and when will work wonders!

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