Conquering Housing Affordability

Don’t let housing affordability concerns slow your business down. 71% of U.S. counties are seeing first-time homebuyers feeling the pinch because of price increases*. As a real estate agent, it’s vital to know how to aid your client during tough financial times.

Mortgage Calculators

AmeriTItle’s mortgage calculator is a great starting point to set financial boundaries. Draw up a plan that fits within their comfort zone.

Counseling on Features

Focus on your client’s top choices and guide them through factors of location, neighborhood, and even school systems.

Partner with Lenders

Understand what financial options are available. Lending partners can work to find the right loan for your borrower – which helps improve their chances of a successful purchase.

Connect with your local AmeriTitle Representative for more information!

*https://www.housingwire.com/articles/48654-median-priced-homes-are-out-of-reach-for-the-average-joe-in-most-markets (Housing Wire)

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