Hiring a Moving Company? Get Ready to Ask These Important Questions.

Preparing to move is no easy task – while it’s exciting to move into a new home and begin new memories and adventures, organizing and packing is easily the worst part of it all.

If you’ve had enough of the manual labor of moving your things from one home to another, moving companies are available for you to hire. But you shouldn’t pick the first company you see on your Google results page – you really need to research and know what you’re paying for.

It’s important to prepare and ask the right questions with the moving company you hire, because depending on the length of the move, they might be keeping track of your belongings for weeks!

Here are some of the more crucial questions you should ask your movers:


Is the company you hired insured? Check to see if your personal belongings are covered during a move under your homeowners’ or renters’ policy – if not, consider supplemental moving insurance.


Never hire a moving company without a license number! You should be able to verify their number within their website – if you’re traveling from one state to another, the company should have a U.S. DOT number; if you’re moving within the state, the company should still have a state license.


Always, always check reviews on their service! Google, Yelp, and even testimonials they have on their own website should help you make an educated decision. It doesn’t hurt to check the Better Business Bureau as well.


Like anything, rates will spike during busy seasons – and usually, summer is the busiest. Ask the company about low-cost days and if their rates change based on what day of the week it is.

Moving companies can be a great way to help relieve stress during a move! But, it’s always good to be a little more aware of what policies you are signing into and what exactly is being covered during the transaction.

Good luck on your newest move!

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