I Want This, You Want That – Study Shows the Features Homeowners Want

Eenie, meenie, miny, mo – what features do homeowners want the most?

A national survey conducted by Erie Insurance found that while 53% of homeowners are happy with the features of their homes, 47% regret one or more of the features they chose.

Their survey asked homeowners about features they wanted and got but wouldn’t get again, as well as asking homeowners what they did not get but now wish they had. 

Below are the top 5 features homeowners wanted and got, but would not choose again.

Feature %
Hardwood flooring 9.2%
Granite countertops 7.8%
Stainless steel appliances 7.6%
Fireplace 7.4%
Deck 7.2%

Below are the top 5 features homeowners didn’t get but wished they had:

Feature %
Walk-in pantry 30.2%
Granite countertops 17.8%
Kitchen Island 16.8%
Tankless water heater 16.4%
Finished basement 16.2%

Even though homeowners may have regretted purchases (or the absence of one), the survey found that 94.6% of respondents say they love their homes.

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