Real Estate Tip of the Week: Increasing Engagement on Social Media

Social Media is king – and if you’re not utilizing it in your real estate business, then you’re missing out on some prime prospecting opportunities.

Utilizing social media to meet potential clients is a great way to expand your listings and the services you have to offer. If 87% of marketers rank exposure for their business as the main benefit of their social media efforts, then you should jump onboard the social media train.

While social media can seem simple enough – post a picture here, a video there – it has more to offer than meets the eye. That, and some of the vocabulary used can be a little confusing!

Two confusing social media lingo words: engagement and impressions.

Here are the pros and cons to both – and why you need them.


Digital impressions are how many times you post, upload, tweet (what have you) to your social media world. These don’t count for how many “clicks” you get.


This is the heart of it. Engagement is all about how many shares, comments, clicks, retweets (what have you) you receive from what you’re posting.

How these two go together

Essentially, the higher your impressions (the more you’re posting), the greater chance your content has to come across multitudes of consumer’s news feeds.

How to up the volume

  1. Use. More. Video. We should shout this from the rooftops, really. Check out our tips on using videos in our blog, here.
  2. Images, images galore! Images receive more comments than posts without images – so get to snapping. Think about posting: sold properties, current listings, sharing your industry events, etc.
  3. Broadcast you. When a client is out “shopping” for a real estate agent, they want to know who you are. Share some personal tidbits about yourself to make yourself more approachable and relatable.
  4. Rule of Thirds from Hootsuite – when sharing content, a third should be about your business, a third for sharing ideas within the industry, and a third on your personal stuff / interactions.
  5. Respond, respond, respond!! Don’t just post and leave your phone / computer. Interact with comments and shares to prove you aren’t just a robot and enjoy interacting with your surrounding community.

Now get on out there and make those (digital) impressions!

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