Meeting in the Middle: Online vs In-Person Home Closings

Although most people welcome paperless transactions with open arms, there are still home buyers who aren’t very comfortable with the idea.

Online closings offer convenience and simplicity – two important factors that go hand-in-hand with the long process of purchasing a home. However, some buyers might feel that they still need to discuss important questions in person before signing pen to screen.

Some are worried about security features – however, title and escrow companies are vigilant about fraud and should instill a strict and clear list of instructions before any wiring takes place.

For those who like the online version, but maybe not the online signing, there’s a new option for you!

Notarize, an electronic notarization provider and the first to enable an entirely online real estate closing process, has released a “hybrid-closing option” for home buyers to review and sign the majority of closing documents digitally, but have the paperwork physically furnished on settlement day – so the big day of closing still happens in person.

The home buying process is different for each seller and buyer – so with options like these, you’ll be able to find the closing that’s the right fit for you and your lifestyle!

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