Real Estate Tip of the Week: Do’s and Don’ts of Live Streaming

Video marketing is the reel deal.

Uploading and posting videos of you in your real estate agent element is essential for your business. With 92% of mobile video consumers sharing videos with others, you might want to jump aboard the video platform.

While there are many variations to posting a video – be that through Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook – going live is a different ballgame.

You can “go live” through Instagram Stories or Facebook, and both of these options will notify your followers once you have gone live! But what are the do’s and don’ts of live streaming?

Spontaneous vs Planning

If you’re going to go live with important pieces of information – an open house, market statistics, etc. – it might be a good idea to let your followers know ahead of time that you’re planning on shooting a live video on whichever social media platform of your choosing.

It could be something as simple as: “Hey guys! I’ll be hosting an open house this Friday from 10 to 2 – look for my live stream before the event to get a good view of the home!”

Spontaneous live streams are great for your brand too.

If the neighborhood you’re an expert in has finally opened that new coffee shop you’ve been keeping an eye on, shoot a live video!

If there’s a recent news article that talks about an important market trend, bust out your camera!

When you shoot a live stream casually, make sure you have a plan on how you’d like the video to go – what are you going to be talking about and discussing? Consumers can tell when a video seems rushed, so keep things concise and genuine.

Eye Contact

This should be a no brainer, but it’s something we’ve all been guilty of at one point or another.

Look at the camera and not the image of yourself on the phone. This will seem more natural to viewers!

Welcome Viewers

As you complete your live video, you’ll be able to see who joins in. Although you shouldn’t stop midsentence to welcome each individual, you should take the time to welcome viewers!

After you’ve completed your thought, take a moment to say: “and I see we’ve got some new audience members, thank you all for joining!”

Ask for Questions

Most people believe a live video can be intimidating – but think about it as a conversation! Let your audience members know to write questions that you’d be happy to answer. Before signing off on your video, double check on any unanswered questions.

Ways to Contact

At the end of your video, make sure you include the many ways consumers can contact you. Whether that’s through your other social media outlets, through email, or your agent phone number, make sure you explain how you can be found!

Be Genuine

With 97% of consumers citing honesty and integrity as their top factor for choosing a real estate agent, it’s important that these videos come off genuine and authentic. Show who you are!

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