Real Estate Tip of the Week: How to Utilize Instagram Stories

Want insta-credibility? Then you better have a Business Instagram account!

Your brand and how you showcase it, is critical. Finding leads as a real estate agent is all about showing credibility, an authentic personality, and how you’re able to sell and help purchase homes.

What better way to do all of that, then to use Instagram!

Specifically, Instagram stories.

With Instagram, consumers interact with businesses 2.26% of the time, while Facebook users only interact .21% of the time. That’s a substantial difference.

Now, don’t go deleting your Facebook page – but rather, make sure you’re putting in some effort towards your Instagram page.

With Instagram Stories, you can upload videos or images that can help showcase who you are and what you do – while also appealing to a large audience.

So what should you be uploading to your Instagram Stories?

Behind the Scenes

This is a great way to showcase your day-to-day tasks. Because Instagram Stories lasts for just 24 hours, a behind the scenes take can seem intimate and personal towards your audience.

What to post:

  • New coffee shop in the neighborhood? New park? Next time you’re visiting, post a video or a photo of you enjoying the new scene. Make sure you tag the business or the location of where you are.
  • A quick video before one of your open house events. Tell them what you’re up to, what house you’re at, and give a quick glimpse of the rooms you walk through.
  • When you’ve come across new information regarding the housing market, post a photo of the statistic, or record a quick video detailing the news.

Your Successes

Consumers respond well to success – and if you have closings to show, you should post them!

  • Highlight newly listed homes with a few photos
  • Upload photos of happy clients on closing day

Use Instagram’s Props

After you’ve posted your photo, you can click the sticker icon in the top right corner and use the many extra tools Instagram has for you.

You can attach music, you can have a countdown, you can create a poll or a quiz, and you can even allow viewers to leave questions on your story for you to answer later!

Remember – Instagram is supposed to be fun, short, and sweet!

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