Real Estate Tip of the Week: Are You Using SEO For your Blog?

When it comes to your blog, words matter – particularly, keywords. If you want your blog to rank better on Google searches, you’ll need to be using specific keywords within your industry in order to stick out above the rest.

Here’s where SEO comes in. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is essentially about using the right keywords that matches what your audience is searching for – in your case, real estate. And with 70% of customers preferring getting to know a company through articles rather than advertising, it’s essential that you implement SEO into your social media and blog postings.

Check out AmeriTitle’s quick tips on SEO planning for your personal real estate brand:

Plan Keywords

Before sitting down and typing out your post, think about who you want to each. Keywords are essentially the terms you want to show up in searches. Write down a list of keywords you want to rank and show up for on Google search pages. Some examples:  

  • Real estate agent
  • Real estate market
  • Your local city / neighborhood

Keyword Placement

Implementing your keyword takes a little bit more than just sprinkling it here and there into your article. You’ll also want to incorporate it into different sections and parts of your blog as a whole! The keyword should be placed in five areas – below, they’re combined with the example keyword, “Portland Condos.”

  • The URL: https://www.yourwebsitenamehere.com/portland-condos
  • Page Title: The Top Portland Condos to Hit the Real Estate Market
  • Within the copy of the article: Usually with SEO, you’ll want to have the keyword placed 1-2% throughout he article. A 500 word blog post means the keyword should be within around 5 times.
  • When saving your images to post: portland_condos.jpg.
  • Image Alt Tag: usually on whatever platform you’re using to post, it’ll allow you to type a description in a keyword box.

Keyword Synonyms

Before an updated change, Google only considered ranking pages that had the exact keyword within it. Now, Google accepts synonyms as the same keyword – for example, “suburb” and “neighborhood.”

It’s important to use a variation of the keyword, as it not only helps you and your ranking, but it helps your article sound less robotic.

When it comes down to it, SEO is a long-term game. You won’t see dramatic change overnight – but, with consistency, and interaction between other blog posts and social media posts (commenting is another great key to link back to your brand!), you’ll be one of Google’s best friends.

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