AmeriTitle Super Star Stephanie Thorpe

Give it up for our newest Super Star – Stephanie Thorpe!

Stephanie is AmeriTitle’s Escrow Assistant for our Pocatello, Idaho branch. Having previously worked in the banking industry, Stephanie has been a great addition to the team. Stephanie really enjoys interacting with customers and answering their questions and concerns about buying or selling their home; she has a new appreciation for the people involved after buying her first home a few months ago!

Stephanie is a true go-getter – while she was completing her bachelor’s degree, she was working full-time to support her husband so he could live his dream of playing college baseball.

When asked who she looks up to the most, Stephanie immediately thinks of her father. Stephanie explains, “My dad can literally do anything. Play him a song and he will play it by ear on the guitar; show him an idea on Pinterest, and he can make it with no instructions. I’ve learned so much from watching him tinker with stuff in his garage. He inspires me to never give up and believe that I can do literally anything I set my mind to!”

Outside of work, Stephanie enjoys participating in anything creative. She loves photography, videography, graphic design, sewing, cooking – anything that lets her think outside the box. But, she isn’t afraid to wind down and enjoy a really fun board game or snuggle up on the couch to watch a movie with her husband.

And if you want to get on Stephanie’s good side, whip up her favorite type of food – Italian! 

AmeriTitle is extremely fortunate to have Stephanie as part of the team; her accomplishments and achievements do not go unnoticed by her team members!

Contact AmeriTitle Pocatello if you’re purchasing or selling property in Bannock County. Stephanie would love to be part of your team for success!

Stephanie Thorpe – Escrow Assistant for AmeriTitle Pocatello
1523 Yellowstone Ave., 83201

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