Millennials are Moving – But Why?

It’s true that millennials are shaking up traditions when it comes to owning homes – and it looks like the frequency of moving is one of them.

A new study from Porch found that Millennials were moving once every two years. Gen Xers move about every four years, and baby boomers move every six or so.

Infographic Credit: Porch

73% of millennials want to move in the next 10 years – of that, 59% are homeowners and 85% are renters.

So, why all the moving? Other than avoiding higher renting rates (if the millennial is a renter rather than a homeowner), it looks like the big reason to move is for a new job. 85% of millennials are willing to relocate for a job, and 82% believe being flexible is a key component when finding a place to live if they want to be successful.

So it looks like a job comes first and a home comes second?

Check out Porch’s study here – and take a look at their cool infographics like the one included above.

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