Puppies Need Homes Too: How Real Estate Agents Are Helping Four-Legged Friends Find Homes

Real Estate Agents are usually known for helping out homebuyers and sellers – but what about helping out cute little puppies???

Agents in New York and Los Angeles have been teaming up with animal shelters to give furry little companions the homes they deserve.

Kelcey Otten, a real estate agent with Compass in Manhattan, will often bring puppies she fosters with her on showing tours – and don’t worry, she double checks if the properties are pet-friendly and if the shoppers are comfortable with dogs.

Otten explains, “I thought if I could bring my foster pups with me on buyer tours, then I could expose them to a larger pool of potential adopters […] even if a potential buyer doesn’t want to adopt, bringing the dogs on showings still helps generate leads. Having a cute thing running around brings a levity to the whole experience.”

Otten has helped place 15 dogs in permanent homes!

If you’re a home shopper, would you mind if your agent brought along foster puppies? Sound off below!

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