Real Estate Tip of the Week: Fixing Your Business Website Errors

Setting up your real estate blog or personal website is exciting – and a great way to acquire more leads. But, it’s also incredibly important that your website be fully-functional and well-designed.

A good website will improve your online presence and will help you stand out from the crowd – but if users find your website complicated, they’ll be frustrated and move on to the next business.

Here are potential problems to keep an eye out when constructing your blog or website:


Most consumers will be using their phone or tablet when searching the web. Optimizing your website for mobile-friendly usage would be incredibly beneficial – this way, users can access your site from anywhere.

Not only does mobile-friendly websites make it easier for the consumer, but it also helps you rank better on Google! Websites that don’t include mobile access rank lower on Google searches – no matter what the content is.

To see if you’re website is mobile friendly, enter your site URL into Google’s mobile-friendly test to check if it’s compatible with mobile phones.

 Loading is Too Slow

We’ve all experienced it – when you wait for a page to load, it usually ends with you leaving the site before you get to see what is there! Don’t let that happen to your website.

Check out this free website speed test to see your website’s overall load times. Double check images on your site to ensure that they are optimized for the best web performance (size, resolution, etc.). Attachments and videos should also be looked at if your website is running too slow.


What is your site for? If you want potential home sellers and buyers to contact you – make it known! Clearly describe what your business is, and how you can be reached. A perfect call-to-action will lead users to take the next step (rather than just look at your pretty site!).

Your site should be as relevant as possible, be easy to navigate, have links to other social media accounts you have, and have consistent web design. Grammatical mistakes should be nonexistent as well.

With the right website, you’ll be able to attract more consumers – and let’s face it, having your own website is fun!

Don’t forget to check out AmeriTitle’s Blog to keep up with all things real estate.

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