Smartphones Help with Finding the Perfect Home

We all know how important phones are – social media alone is enough to have consumers protect their smartphones at all costs.

But what about finding the home of your dreams?

According to the National Association of Realtors® Real Estate in a Digital Age 2019 Report, 76% of all buyers said they found their home on a mobile device as well as 17% claiming to have found their agent through various apps.

Which demographic seems to be using their smartphones more?

81% of older millennials, 80% of younger millennials, and 78% of Generation X have claimed to use apps to find their home, compared to 68% of younger baby boomers.

Buyers and sellers aren’t the only ones taking advantage of technology – agents too, prefer to use their mobile phones when conducting business. 93% of agents prefer to text their clients over email, instant messaging, or using mail services.

What do buyers and sellers like most when using apps to find their future home?

  • 87% believed photos were the most helpful
  • 85% sought out detailed information on the home
  • 52% enjoyed floor plans being displayed
  • 46% used mobile for virtual tours
  • 42% clicked more for real estate contact information

If you’re a buyer or a seller, which device would you rather use: a smartphone, a computer, or a tablet?

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