Hip Hip Hooray for Title Insurance: Why a Title Search is Important

Pumpkin spice is to coffee as scarves and boots are to fall.

Just like title insurance is to homeownership.

Yeah, we know it’s a stretch – but follow us here.

Title insurance is incredibly important once you become a homeowner. This type of insurance protects YOU, the insured, from matters or faults that occurred in the past that may affect your property.

You wouldn’t want to put a good chunk of change down on your home, only to find out later down the road that it isn’t yours, right?

We didn’t think so.

Here’s why a title search is necessary:

  • A professional will search through public records for any debts, legal judgments, and other homeownership issues
  • Items that they’ll keep an eye out for:
    • Prior deeds
    • Mortgages
    • Divorce decrees
    • Court judgments
    • Delinquent taxes
    • Child support payments
    • Etc.
  • Searching will aid in the elimination of many possible hidden risks that can undermine the validity of title ownership

Unidentified risks are still a possibility after a transfer of title, but the purchase of your title insurance policy will protect the lender and buyer from many types of claims made against the title to your property, such as encumbrances and liens.

When you consider the purchase you’re making (ahem, buying a home!) and how it should be protected, title insurance is probably the best value among the majority of costs!

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