Real Estate Tip of the Week: Using SEO for Your Blog

The internet is accessible anywhere – and let’s face it, your clients are using the internet to research homes before they come to you for additional help.

How can you make sure they’re still using you as a resource without officially hiring you as their agent?

Using SEO!

Having a reliable website that is easy to use and has a simple layout is key! Future leads and consumers want quick access to the information they’re searching for. Blog articles that give information on the neighborhood you’re familiar with, how to sell a home, or how to look for a home, are all relevant topics your clientele will be searching for.

You just have to make sure you’re using the right SEO method.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about search engine algorithms, and Google is constantly changing them to block bots and spam from achieving rankings. Because of how frequently these are changing, it’s good to stay up-to-date, so your website doesn’t get penalized for sticking with the old rules. You can find Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide here.

For now, here are some quick Do’s and Don’ts within the SEO world:


  • Research which keywords are more popular than others in your market
  • Think of secondary keywords that aren’t as popular, but are still relative to your brand
  • Link to related businesses and services that relate to your market. Write about the best restaurants in your area, and link to a highly trafficked blog that discusses fun places to eat in the neighborhood


  • Write your keyword multiple times where it doesn’t make sense (known as keyword stuffing). This will not gain your site favor in Google’s standards – Google and consumers alike are looking for websites that are useful to readers
  • Link to suspect content or unnatural links anywhere on your site. Don’t buy or sell links – as this will receive a harsh penalty from Google. Never include a link directory on your site, or your page can be completely removed from Google’s search results

For more, check out our SEO Strategy article, and be sure to stop by AmeriTitle’s Blog to stay in the know with all things real estate.

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