Real Estate Tip of the Week: It’s All About Networking

Socializing – who needs it?

Well, if you’re a real estate agent – you do!

We get that socializing can be scary, but when it comes to generating referrals, networking is key.

Give yourself a pep talk, get out from behind your desk, and get to prospecting! Here are some quick tips to help you stay focused, and hopefully, a little more confident.

Change Your View of Success

One of the hurdles to jump over when preparing for a networking night out, is picturing what you view as success. Don’t put pressure on yourself by visualizing yourself leaving the night with a million referrals in your back pocket – that won’t do you any good. Change your point of view of what a victorious night really means – i.e., making genuine connections with one or two people. If you set yourself up with unrealistic expectations, you won’t feel confident when stepping into the room.

Don’t Get Straight to Business

It’s important that potential clients or business partners don’t feel like you’re talking to them just because you need their business. When you’re out, make sure you are actually having real conversations with people! If there is something you can bond over, then you have the potential to make a true connection – people are more inclined to give business if they like you – so don’t immediately hand over your business card.

You Can Network Anywhere

Don’t wait for that marketing or business event to start networking (although, those don’t hurt either!). Think about joining a local club that interests you, or volunteering for a local charity. People will get to know who you are first. If they need help with real estate in the future – they know exactly who to call!

Essentially, networking is all about nurturing and keeping contacts. People are more likely to hire and work with someone they know and trust – so think about making friends instead of just landing clients!

Want more real estate tips? Head over to AmeriTitle’s Blog for more.

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