Bah-Humbug: Homeowners Removing the Fireplace

Surrounded by family and friends, drinking hot chocolate, and snuggling up next to a cozy, warm fire – one of these things might not become a holiday staple anymore.

With an average of 22,300 fireplace, chimney, or chimney connector fires, some homeowners are viewing these as more of a liability than an asset.

When it comes to space, homeowners are also opting to remove it. If the fireplace acts as a room divider, it might make more sense to remove it to open up the room (especially if you live in an area where space is a hot commodity).

Removal can be quite the task, so if you want to remove because you believe the fireplace is too outdated, it might be cheaper to remodel. Depending on location and climate, home shoppers do tend to favor homes that have a cozy fireplace.

So, what to do? The choice is yours – but do your research first!

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