Final Walk-Through Home Buyer Checklist

If you’re in the final stages of purchasing a home, you’ll soon be completing a final walk-through as one of your last steps.

As a buyer, it’s important to know what to look for to ensure a positive and smooth transition into homeownership.

Here’s the final walk-through breakdown:

The final walk-through will usually happen before the settlement. Buyers can check on the condition of the property to double-check that any negotiated work has been completed and to feel comfortable with the home’s systems.

For examples of what you should be looking for, here’s a list of things to take a peek at during this stage:

  • Walk around the outside of the home to check for any obvious damage
  • Test all major appliances
  • Run the heating and air conditioning
  • Turn on and off all lights
  • Open and shut all windows and doors
  • Run all the faucets and check for leaks
  • Flush all the toilets and check for leaks
  • Double-check that any agreed-upon repairs have been made
  • Double-check that any fixtures that are supposed to be left behind are still in place

Be sure to leave plenty of time for the walk-through – you don’t want to feel rushed! This is a big purchase, so you’ll want to make sure you’re feeling confident and good-to-go come closing time.

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