Real Estate Guide for the New Year: Deeds and Titles

Purchasing a home is a huge milestone – and one that includes tons of real estate terms.

Two real estate terms that people mistakenly use interchangeably – Deed and Title – are just two examples of what homebuyers and sellers alike really need to understand.

Here’s the rundown:


A deed is a legal document that conveys the ownership rights to a property. This is a physical document signed by both the buyer and the seller.


A title is the legal procedure of acquiring property ownership. The title is not a document, but a concept that says you have the rights to use that property.

What This Means

After purchasing your home, you will receive the deed that proves you have ownership, which is the official document saying you have title to the real estate.

How it Works

In order to eliminate the many hidden risks of purchasing a home, the title officer will complete extensive research of recorded documents to ensure your title ownership is valid. They will also issue the title insurance policy when the transaction closes.

If everything is clear, then the seller will transfer the title to you!

Understanding the process of purchasing or selling a home is important – it gives you the confidence you need to feel secure throughout the transaction.

Looking for more real estate guides? Check out AmeriTitle’s Buyer-Seller Guide here.

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