You Get a Specialty Room! You Get a Specialty Room! Home Buyer Requirements

This isn’t just a room – it’s a specialty room.

The National Association of Home Builders surveyed homebuyers to research which “specialty room” ranked highest on their list.

But, what is a specialty room?

A specialty room is any room that isn’t a kitchen, a bedroom, or a bathroom. The survey separated the answers by generations and found some interesting data.

The specialty room that both Millennials and Gen Xers found desirable – an exercise room. However, when it came to an exercise room being an essential part of the home purchase, only 12% of Gen Xers agreed, compared to 22% of Millennials.

Game rooms and wine cellars were also desirable for Millennials, whereas Boomers barely made a percentage in these areas.

The top specialty room that Millennials felt was necessary to have in a home purchase was the laundry room. 50% of Millennials believed a laundry room was nonnegotiable when it came to searching for homes.

Check out NAHB’s infographic of the breakdown here:

Infographic supplied by the NAHB

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