Why Have a Therapist When You Can Have a Real Estate Agent?

Looks like real estate agents can add one more qualification to their belt!

A new survey has found that a majority of homeowners/sellers feel that an agent is more important to them than their therapist.

Century 21’s survey shows that buyers and sellers have valued and confided in their agents more than a therapist, and know them better than their own neighbors.

99% of homebuyers believed their agent added value during their transaction; 73% said [their agent] helped them with their knowledge of the market; 72% had advice and counsel; and 53% said [their agent] helped them navigate their stress.

Are real estate agents more of a friend than a business partner to homebuyers and sellers? If you’ve recently bought or sold a home with an agent, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below! 

For more real estate news, check out AmeriTitle’s Blog here.

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