AmeriTitle Super Stars – ASAP Team

We have not one new super star, but four! Let’s give a cheer for our AmeriTitle’s ASAP Team!

The ASAP Team, located in AmeriTitle’s Bend Corporate Office, consists of Hayden Kolodziejski, Liz Herra, Heather VanHouten, and Megan Davis. These four incredible teammates are a part of the Central Order Processing department. Heather explains what she enjoys most about working with the team, “This is a fast-paced industry. There is never a dull moment in our day. Our business relationships are really important to us as well.”

Left to right: Hayden Kolodziejski, Liz Herra, Heather VanHouten, and Megan Davis

Indeed, the ASAP team never has a dull moment and is always ready to tackle the day! Megan explains her most memorable day she had with the team: “June 11th! We at the ASAP opened 100 orders – all while getting new desks and rearranging our office space.”

100 orders are nothing to this hard-working team – they averaged 1,243 orders per month in 2019! This equaled a 38% growth over 2018.

Outside the office, the ASAP team enjoys some unwinding time. Heather might re-watch her favorite movie, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” or cheer on her favorite football team, the Oregon Ducks! Liz would love to join in on a Lord of the Rings Trilogy marathon, while Megan would watch her favorite movie, “A Silent Voice.” Hayden’s go to hobby? – reading her collection of HP Lovecraft stories.

Lynn Jesus, Central Order Service Manager, knows how diligent her team is. Lynn explains, “This team amazes me every day! They handle a crazy amount of clients and emails. They are rock solid in knowledge and dedication – and somehow always get it all done. It is inspiring to watch!”

Hayden’s, Liz’s, Heather’s, and Megan’s accomplishments and achievements as members of the ASAP team make AmeriTitle extremely fortunate to have them as part of the team.

Contact AmeriTitle Bend if you’re purchasing or selling property in Deschutes County. The ASAP team would be happy to put their experience and superior customer service skills to work for your transaction!

The ASAP Team – Central Order Processing for AmeriTitle Bend Corporate
15 Oregon Ave., 97703

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