Moving To a New Home? Complete These Quick Projects First

So you just bought a new home – congratulations! Before the big move, we’ve got some speedy projects you can complete before you move in. These will help not only make the transition easier, but safer as well.

Here are our tips:

Change the Locks

Before moving in, the first thing on your mind should be safety. Call your local locksmith to have your locks changed – don’t forget the back door and garage door locks. You never know who might still (accidentally) have a spare key.

Check Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Buy a new box of batteries and test every smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector in your home. If your home doesn’t have a carbon monoxide detector, you can buy one at any home improvement store!

Paint the Interior

If you are itching to change the look inside the home, painting might be easier to update prior to furniture being moved in. Not only would it make things easier, but it would immediately personalize your space and make it feel more like your home.

Locate Your Breaker Box and Main Water Valve

It’s best to find where these things are located in the home before you’re looking for them in the middle of a wind storm. Take note of their location!

Deep Clean

It won’t really feel like your home until you give it that good clean. Bathrooms, cabinets, drawers, and the kitchen should all be up to your liking before you move in.

Update Your Address

The one thing we all seem to forget until you order that Amazon package – updating your address. Update your address on USPS’ website to receive mail at your new home.

Decorate Your Home

This is where the fun part comes in – now you get to plan and organize how you want to present your home! Renting might limit your ability to truly decorate your space the way you want it done – but now you are totally free to update how you like it!

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