Real Estate Tip of the Week: Be the Go-To Agent

In 2019, membership in the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reached an all-time high of 1.4 million. So – how do you set yourself apart?

Being a successful agent means thinking about what your clients are looking for. While going the extra mile to impress a client never hurts, a potential homebuyer or seller is ultimately looking for a few key elements in an agent.

Market Materials

Your buyer or seller has probably done prior research of the market before finding you, but that doesn’t mean they ultimately know every little aspect of what’s taking place, especially with targeted neighborhoods.

Before parting ways with a potential client, compile marking materials that you can send home with them to review for themselves. That way, they don’t feel pressure, and they have more education of the process under their belts.

AmeriTitle has a few marketing materials you can use – our Client Resource Guide, Buyer-Seller Guide, Seller Checklists, and Buyer Checklists all provide great information that your client can use to better understand the process of a real estate transaction. Key words, calendars, and calculating fees are all included.

Focus on Their Needs

Usually, a buyer and seller already has an idea in mind of how they want their transaction to take place. They have a price point, they have a checklist of the size, location, and added features they’d like, and they know their time tables. While sometimes a client’s need can’t always be met (especially if their checklist is unrealistic in the current market), it’s important that you stick close with their desires.


Before you’ve been officially hired as an agent, a buyer or seller might be curious as to how you can steer them in the direction they’d like to take. Know whether to pursue or leave a lead – and when to not bother a potential client. Remember, everyone is busy with work and life in general! Sending an email or a text is completely acceptable (if they’ve agreed to giving you contact information), but be respectful with time frames.

Once you’ve been officially hired, don’t leave your client in the dark. Keep them updated with the process (whether their offer has been reviewed, or if a new home popped up on the market, or if the appraisal has come in) and let them know they can come to you with any questions or concerns.

Overall, being an agent that is knowledgeable, patient, understanding, and approachable is essentially what any buyer or seller wants. Set yourself apart from the 1.4 million today!

Check out AmeriTitle’s Blog for more real estate tips and guides.

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