Real Estate Tip of the Week: Agents & Texting

To text, or not to text?

In this day and age, and with the majority of homebuyers falling into the Millennial generation, texting wouldn’t hurt.

Emails roughly have a 6% response rate, whereas texting has a response rate of 45%! If you’re looking to get in touch with your client, pass along important information, and overall become more approachable – then texting is the way to go.

Check out our texting tips for the real estate agent:

Text during hours you’d call

No one wants to receive a text from someone that isn’t a friend or family member after 11pm. Unless your text is an absolute emergency, be sure to only send texts to your client during business hours.

Thank you text

A thank you goes a long way – and it’s a great way to confirm your upcoming meeting! Thank your client for their time, and let them know what they can expect at your face-to-face meeting. Confirm location, date, and time.

Texts to check materials

If you have valuable market information that you send out to clients via email, mail, social media, etc., it wouldn’t hurt to send your buyer or seller a quick text letting them know to keep an eye out for it, and if they have any questions to reach out to you!

This can also be great if you’ve sent along important (and thorough) information on a neighborhood your client has been interested in. Your text can follow something along these lines:

“Hello [Client Name]! I just emailed you important information on a community I think you might like! Let me know if you have any questions!”

Keep it fun and short

Depending on your client, try and switch up how you interact in the conversation! Send a GIF (if appropriate), or send a short video of yourself confirming your meeting the next day. Keeping texts light and fun can help you seem more approachable and relatable (and not some big scary real estate agent!).

For more real estate tips and tricks, stop by AmeriTitle’s Blog here.

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