Community Spotlight – Payette, Idaho

Located right at the mouth of the Payette River, you will find our newest community spotlight, Payette, ID!

Home to over 7,655 people today, Payette holds a rich history. It was originally named Boomerang by 22 year old David Lamme, who settled in the area in 1864. He bought a small tract of land and brought goods from Chicago to open up a General Store. When the Oregon Short Line Railroad was completed, running through the area to Huntington, OR in 1884, many more settlers came and the name was changed to Payette after French fur trapper François Payette, one of the early settlers. Now Payette offers many amenities including, 50 acres of parks, The Payette River and its Greenbelt, the Payette County Museum, and Scotch Pines Gold Course.

Located in Central Payette is our AmeriTitle branch. The team in Payette enjoys having a hand in changing their clients’ future, whether they are buying their first home, forever home, or a new business, being a part of such a milestone is a wonderful and gratifying experience. Escrow Officer, Matea Gabiola, adds, “Our customers/clients are more than just that, we build friendships with them all!” The Payette branch prides themselves on maintaining professionalism and treating others with respect. They feel like their office is not only a team, but a family.

Giving back to their community is so important to the AmeriTitle Payette team. They have participated in Buying of the Sheep at the Payette County Fair for many years. The Amerititle team supports local school programs, sporting events, and fundraisers for the Payette Senior Center. They host several luncheons and classes for the local Four Rivers Realtor Board and participate in local bank and real estate agent’s fundraisers. We love how this team finds so many different ways to get involved!

The AmeriTitle team in Payette loves the small town charm and close-knit community in their area. Matea Gabiola says, “The clients and customer that we conduct business with on a daily basis, have a true sense of pride and desire to see these towns flourish.” Matea describes Payette as a place that, “engages its citizens, of all ages, to come together to volunteer, socialize, and collaborate to positively impact our communities.”

Whether you’re buying or selling commercial or residential property in Payette County, the professionals at AmeriTitle’s Payette location would be delighted to help make your next transaction a success! Give Payette a shout out on their AmeriTitle’s Payette Facebook Page!

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