4 tips to kickstart team building efforts this fall

Team building is vital for the sustained success of any operation, and we’re here to help our customers and partners ensure they’re set up to do great things, no matter what the future brings. If you’re in a leadership position, there’s plenty on your plate – especially these days – but one of your main goals should always be helping your employees grow into leaders for your team. 

How can you make this happen? We’re glad you asked! Our leadership formed a quartet from this Forbes list of seven tips to increase employee engagement that’s even more relevant in today’s market than when it was published in 2021. 

Many of you are already proven leaders, and we’re sure most of you already do at least a few of these things. However, it’s always good to have a reminder of how effective communication is integral to fostering individual achievement. Without further ado, here are four ways to stay better connected with all your employees, no matter how hectic things get. 

  1. Value the input of others.

Asking those around you for input on a particular idea or project lets them know that you care and value what they have to say. There’s been a lot of talk about how environments have become more collaborative recently. Are you fostering a culture like that? Employees who know their thoughts and opinions are respected are more likely to put forth their best effort in the workplace. 

  1. Say “thank you” for a small task.

We all need a little affirmation every now and then. Expressing gratitude for a job well done boosts confidence, even if it’s routine. Just verbalizing your appreciation will go a long way, especially during stressful times.

  1. Let your people grow and watch what they accomplish.

When people are allowed to lead and prove themselves, they’re more likely to gain a sense of ownership. You know the strengths of your team members. Put them in positions where you know they will thrive. Tell them what they need to know and outline your expectations, but let them take the reins. 

  1. Provide access to opportunities and mentorship.

Share your knowledge. Take the time, even if it’s just for a few minutes, to share a piece of advice or show someone how to do something. It’s a way to let them know you care and value their personal success. Putting effort into building up an employee will result in the employee putting effort into the company and their team.

It’s more important than ever to focus on your internal culture. The current market is full of challenging opportunities for us all, but a great leader must be prepared for both the peaks and valleys. Having worked with many of you throughout the years, we know we work with some of the strongest teams out there, and these tips will help you stay that way.

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