Community Spotlight – Brookings

Our newest community spotlight is the southernmost coastal city in Oregon, Brookings! 

Brookings is the first and only Oregon city designated an Azalea City by the Azalea Society of America, and is one of only 16 Azalea Cities across the nation. The town has spectacular views and a wide array of outdoor recreation opportunities, no matter what you enjoy. The community of Brookings was first established in 1913, then incorporated in 1951. There has been a lot of population growth since 1980 when Brookings was “discovered” as a great place to live because of the mild climate, beautiful coastline, and many recreational amenities. 

Our AmeriTitle branch in Brookings is located just off the Oregon Coast Highway below the Port of Brookings. Since the Brookings office opened in 2019, the team has spent the last 3 years building relationships in their community and becoming a household name. Amanda Duncan, Escrow Assistant, says, “We take pleasure in the fact that we have earned the reputation for going the extra mile for our clients. There are no hurdles too big or too small that we won’t dedicate ourselves to overcoming.” 

The AmeriTitle team loves that Brookings offers a small town, close-knit community where everyone wants to slow down, enjoy their neighbors, and take in all that life has to offer. Being involved in their community is very important to the team. Amanda explains, “We have become proud sponsors of our local animal shelter, Brookings-Harbor High School, and Harbor Skate, a new local business geared around providing kids of all ages wholesome entertainment.”

When asked what they love most about their industry and serving their clients, the Brookings team says every transaction is a unique puzzle they get to help piece together. Amanda continues, “With the support and knowledge of our team, we are able to give our clients piece of mind to cross the finish line.” 

Whether you’re buying or selling commercial or residential property in Curry County, the professionals at AmeriTitle’s Brookings location are delighted to help make your next transaction a success! Give the team a shout out on their AmeriTitle Brookings Facebook Page!

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