4 home maintenance tasks to do before spring!

We’re all optimistically gearing up for a bustling spring. Across the country, there are signs the traditional homebuying season has come early, though almost everything is still in flux. It’s part of the new reality, and we promise we’ll be here for you. 

One place where you don’t want to be facing uncertainty though, is inside your home. You want your residence to be ready for the warmer months. Whether you’re planning to sell or just want to prepare your home, we put together a list of maintenance tasks to tackle before spring is in full swing.

  • Change your air filters. One of the great joys of spring is the blooming flowers and other plants, but for many of us, that also means allergens. This is why clean air filters will help improve the indoor air quality of your home. As the weather warms, use one of the nice days to open your windows and get some fresh air circulating too.
  • Have your roof inspected. The roof is vital to the protection of your home. Over the winter months, ice or snow could have caused issues up above, including leaks. Inspect the roof for any damage before that spring rain rolls in.
  • Clean the basement and attic. If you have a basement, you know this place is a hotspot for mold and mildew growth. The same goes for the attic. As the humidity levels rise in and outside your home, it’s important that these spaces are clear of any issues.
  • Test that appliances are in working order. Your home’s furnace has been running for the past few months, but the air conditioner has not. Did you shut off interior or exterior water faucets and pipes to prevent freezing? It’s time to turn everything back on to ensure there are no issues with anything before you need it. Trust us, it’s much better to test now.

Spring cleaning is a widely known practice for a reason – this upcoming season is the time for fresh starts and new opportunities, and we can’t wait to see what this time has in store for all of us. However, don’t let the calendar spring forward without prepping your home for the warmer weather. 

Providing advice to happy homeowners and prospective sellers alike is one more small way our teams can help keep protecting one of your greatest investments – your home. And if you happen to be ready to buy or sell in one of our many markets in our service area soon, we’d be happy to be your real estate title choice. 

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