Our next AmeriTitle branch spotlight focuses on our hardworking and experienced team in Idaho Falls, ID.

It’s a tight-knit group who enjoys building connections with the community, both around the closing table, and through service. These efforts include volunteering at various organizations and hosting a clothing drive earlier this year. The latter campaign benefited The Haven, a local women’s shelter and was timed around Valentine’s Day.

“It was awesome to see how many people wanted to help women be successful in starting over and creating a beautiful life for themselves,” said Allie Hansen, an Escrow Officer at the branch.

Hansen, who is in her second stint working for AmeriTitle, loves her colleagues, customers and community. She hopes the branch’s customers can feel how invested the team is in their success and happiness. Hansen is always ready to share a recommendation for a popular restaurant or leisure spot, though she will warn newcomers that the wind in Idaho Falls is no joke.

“This community really cares about others. I love my co-workers, which is why after leaving for a year and choosing to come back to title and escrow, I wanted to come back to AmeriTitle. It’s rare to love everyone you work with, but I truly do!” she said. “I love to help good people be successful.”

Escrow Assistant Jaycee Moore echoes those sentiments about being grateful for both her colleagues and customers.

“I appreciate each individual client’s story and how it challenges me to understand the process of real estate transactions,” she said. “Nothing is ever the same, and it allows the AmeriTitle team to involve every mind. Unique situations come up every day which need their own solutions.”

Our Idaho Falls associates are the problem solvers our customers can count on to deliver for them. They love working together to provide solutions every day. Whether you’re a longtime partner or looking for a new title and escrow provider, the people inside this branch on Elk Creek Drive would love to connect.

If you’re buying or selling commercial and residential property in the area, AmeriTItle’s Idaho Falls branch professionals would be delighted to help make your next transaction a success! Give them a shout out on the AmeriTitle Idaho Falls Facebook Page!

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