AmeriTitle Super Star – Donna Harrison

It’s that time again. Let’s make some noise for our next AmeriTitle Super Star! It’s our honor to spotlight the hard work and great personality of Donna Harrison in our Lebanon, OR branch.

Donna is an Escrow Officer on her second stint as part of the AmeriTitle family, and we are so glad to have her back. She’s a seasoned real estate professional with 35 “blissful, roller-coaster” years of experience, and Donna puts that expertise to work every day for her customers and partners. There’s plenty Donna loves about her job – but one special group of customers still holds a special place in her heart.

“I love the joy and excitement of first-time homebuyers and the feeling of accomplishment for achieving the goal of buying a home,” she says.

Outside the AmeriTitle office, you may find Donna loving time with her new granddaughter or quilting. She also loves a plethora of outdoor activities, such as camping, fishing and kayaking. (Oregon is a perfect state for all three.) Golf is a new hobby for Donna, though she admits she’s still in the love/hate phase of learning the game.

When asked who she admires most, Donna has an answer that’s both full of gratitude for and hopefully inspiring to multiple generations of women.

“Strong independent woman,” she says, “(Those of us) who know what they want and go after it as part of being the best versions of themselves that they can be.”

Now that you’ve gotten to know Donna, give a loving shout out to AmeriTitle’s Lebanon branch on Facebook and write them in on your next transaction! Donna and the team are ready to help make your home closing a simple and smooth experience.

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