4 haunting issues a good home inspector looks for

Buying a home can sometimes feel scary, but buyers are never on this journey alone. Think about your REALTOR®, loan officer, and escrow officer as your personal group of ghostbusters ready to ward off any frightful issues between you and closing on your perfect, definitely not haunted, dream home.

But there’s one more real estate professional we know to call near the end of your journey to make sure everything is as it seems – a home inspector. We’ve written about the importance of this step in the homebuying process before, but what exactly is this person looking for? We’ve made a seasonally frightful list just for you, complete with some tips on how you can identify these potential problems down the road, too.

Eerie electrical work. Flickering lights may be a fun effect in horror movies, but they’re a warning sign in real-life homes. Faulty wiring can lead to devastating fires. Keep an eye out for hot outlets and frayed wires. In older homes with knob and tube wiring, be prepared for the added financial challenge of mandatory replacement before insurance approval.

Scary signs of structural problems. Structural issues aren’t just expensive; they can also be extremely challenging to address. They may be hard to see directly, but telltale signs you may have a problem are sagging floors, wall cracks, or doors and windows that don’t close properly.

Wicked water damage. This is a silent menace. Water damage fosters dangerous mold growth, which is costly and difficult to eradicate and poses a threat to the home’s foundation over time. Check for water pooling around the house or soggy yards. Inside, be on the lookout for peeling paint, swollen drywall and any musty odors.

Minor mishaps. A good home inspector isn’t just searching for major problems. You’ll get an entire checklist of things examined for you, including comments about issues identified now and those that could pop up later. Not everything will be a dealbreaker or need immediate attention – and the seller may even decline to address them before the sale is complete – but this extra layer of peace of mind can be invaluable.

Finding the right house for you is only half of your adventure into a new home. Our teams – with help from our home inspector friends and others – are ready to take you all the way to the finish line. It’s always a treat to work with our customers and partners. Put your trust in us, and we’ll make sure there are no tricks that trip you up.

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