AmeriTitle Super Star – Alisa Rogers

It’s time to introduce you to another AmeriTitle team member we love. And that is not Nox, who is pictured above, but his owner! The next AmeriTitle Super Star is Alisa Rogers! Alisa is a Title Assistant in our Salem, OR branch. Her favorite part of the job is seeing how hard work makes all the pieces of a smooth transaction fall into place.

“I like that everything fits together like a puzzle and getting the satisfaction of putting everything together,” says Alisa, who has been a problem solver our customers can count on for the last five years. 

When she’s not working hard in the office, you may find Alisa playing video games, reading a good book or indulging in a true crime podcast. When asked who she admires most, Alisa doesn’t name a specific person, claiming many people fit that description for her. However, there are a few traits everyone on that list has.

“Everyone I admire embraces genuine kindness and humility,” Alisa says. “Kind hearts and relatability are underrated qualities.”

Whether you’ve relied on Alisa and the rest of the Salem branch before or are looking for those same characteristics in your title provider, these hardworking professionals would love to hear from you. Give a shout out to AmeriTitle’s Salem branch on Facebook and write them in on your next transaction!

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