AmeriTitle Super Star – Sarah Hackworth

It’s time to talk about the next AmeriTitle Super Star, Sarah Hackworth! Sarah is a Title Assistant in our Salem, OR office who has spent 20 years as part of the AmeriTitle family and 30 years in the industry. To this day, she loves being a problem solver for her colleagues and customers. “I love a challenge, and for every transaction, every day, we’re working together to put all the puzzle pieces together.”

Sarah is a valued team member known for how much she cares about her work and her two favorite NFL football teams, the Minnesota Vikings and the Seattle Seahawks. When she’s not in the office, Sarah loves spending time outside. She lists camping, fishing, long walks on the beach, and working in the garden as some of her favorite hobbies. Sarah is also an avid crafter known for making delicious lasagna.

In addition, she values her friends and family, which is quite evident when Sarah is asked who she admires most, her daughter. “She is the most wonderful, caring, loving, beautiful woman I know. She once told me that you’re not going to have a bad day for the rest of your life. All the stress, drama, pain and heartache is just making us stronger and more resilient,” Sarah recalls. “I love her so much and am thankful she believes and trusts in me.”

Now that you’ve gotten to know Sarah, give a shout out to her and the rest of AmeriTitle’s Salem branch on Facebook. This team would love to hear from you. Reach out and write them in on your next transaction.

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Brendon Woodcock
Brendon Woodcock
1 month ago