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Our buyers and sellers want to be calmed down

Today’s housing market is like a haunted house. It seems scary, but when you turn on the lights and take away the special effects, it’s really not so bad. Yes, the summer is going a bit slower than we’re normally used to, but we’re in an industry that ebbs and flows.   However, our buyers and […]

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Buying a house unseen? Do these 3 things!

Buying a home sight unseen can be a scary proposition. Although with the crazy housing market over the past few years, this practice has become much more common. Even as activity slows down and moderates, doing so may be a viable option that can provide you with an opportunity to land a home you may […]

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A Title Insurance History Lesson

As we prepare for a new school year, we got to thinking about one of our favorite topics – yes, we’re talking about title insurance again. Though we know it’s common for people outside of real estate not to know about title insurance until they buy their first home, it’s certainly a subject we love […]

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5 ways Realtors can keep business hot

This summer has certainly been full of opportunities and challenges. We know a lot of our real estate friends are still staying busy while also focusing time and effort on dealing with the changing market. We’ve said before here that it’s hard to predict exactly what the future will bring (though many have tried). That’s […]

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STAYING INFORMED is always important

If you’re anything like us, you’re a huge consumer of real estate news, tips, tricks and more. We all want to be knowledgeable real estate professionals for each other, our teams and most importantly, our customers. However, in times like these, everyone has a real estate forecast or trend. How do you know you’re getting […]

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What to know about FSBO

You’re ready to sell your home and want to make as much as humanly possible on the sale, so you decide to forego a listing agent and list it yourself. This is known as For Sale by Owner or FSBO. This is not a decision to be made lightly. After all, we are proud to […]

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‘Ask’ and two other ways to get more online reviews

The importance of online reviews for those of us in real estate is something we’ve written about before. However, given the current market and how we’re all trying to up our game this summer, we thought it would be a good idea to revisit just how these customer testimonials strengthen old business and can also […]

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AmeriTitle Super Star – Cindy Schafler

We have a new AmeriTitle Super Star! Let’s give a big shout out to Cindy Schafler! Cindy is an Assistant Vice President & Corporate Escrow Administrator for AmeriTitle’s Corporate Office in Bend, OR. This May marked Cindy’s 39th anniversary with the company. She started as an Escrow Officer and Branch Manager for several years, then […]

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Your transparency is worth talking about

When it comes to your marketing, do you talk about your core values? And if you do, is one of those pillars transparency? If you answered “No” to either question, we have some news for you.  Showing transparency in your work could be the easiest way to build trust, and we all know how important […]

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We handle commercial transactions, too!

While this blog is often focused on the latest news on the residential side of real estate, our teams wanted to remind you that you can trust us with your commercial files as well. Whether you’re an investor or Realtor, count on us to deliver for you. The commercial real estate industry is thriving in […]

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