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4 expenses to remember when budgeting for a house

Owning a home, especially if it’s your first home, can reap huge financial benefits. You start building equity as you pay your mortgage. However, any homeowner will tell you that maintaining your home is no small expense. While it’s easy to account for your down payment, mortgage and closing costs, there are several things new […]

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Don’t Be Frightened! It’s Just the Path of Your Title & Escrow

Forget about Halloween being around the corner – your title & escrow transaction is!

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Where Will Real Estate Be in 2022?

Real Estate experts are looking ahead at 2022 – what’s in store?

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Real Estate Tip of the Week: Time to Start Using Your Call-to-Action Button

Get results by utilizing call-to-action buttons! Check out our real estate tip of the week, here.

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Real Estate & New-Home Construction: Updates

Is inventory looking up in the real estate world? Check out the latest news, here.

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Community Spotlight – Corvallis, Oregon

Get to know our AmeriTitle Corvallis, Oregon branch!

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